He sits alone in a building, which can only be described as outhouse-ish. He waits for the sound of a buzzer, so he can push a button. It only happens once every hour, or two. He sits and he draws. He draws a picture of a monkey, in it, the monkey is doing his job. He sits, he stares, and he thinks. He thinks to himself, “I never intended to be a monk.” The buzzer cries out twice in succession, and he pushes the button, then he pushes the buzzer once, and the buzzer answers with a ring. Again he pushes the button. Outside, the world moves on; and he knows it. He feels like it is present with him. But, he is in a box, __________________________________

A) doing a job a monkey can do, getting paid bananas.

B) with his finger on the bomb.

C) unaware he is just an experiment.

D) watching the snow fall, as the skiers dismount the skilift.

E) -The End-

F) living online.

G) None of the above, it really went like this:_______________________

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