Crazy Questions

I think I’m losing a grip on reality

Maybe it’s to much internet

I find myself asking crazy questions


Is abortion racist?

Does illegal immigration effect the poorest Americans negatively?

What is the reason for the assumption of innocence in an investigation?

What is love?

Can you use gravity to collapse the known universe, and travel across space faster than light could?

If I had an opinion, would it matter?

do I matter?

Why am I suddenly depressed?

How do I know anything I’ve been taught about history is true?

Am I a computer?

Do I have a soul?

What should I have for dinner?

Is my continued survival important?

Are questions important?

Did Elvis really die in the toilet, or is that something I heard?

Why do I question popular opinion?

Do I want to be an outcast?

Am I crazy, or just my questions?

And why, oh why, do I always talk to myself?

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