Dunning, Kruger, and I (some kinda poetic rambling)

I may not have a high school diploma

But the year after I was supposed to graduate

I received a bowling trophy

First place & three-hundred dollars

It is my highest accreditation

As for moral philosophy, political science, and poetic expression…

I am brilliant!

I may not be good at bowling anymore,

But I believe I could be.

If I were to practice anything,

It would be asking questions.

If I were to learn,

It would be by listening.

If I were to lie,

It would be with incomplete answers.

Safety can come from knowledge,

So can being manipulated.

If your one of the truly smart people…

Please don’t be a jerk…

Give complete answers.

If your unsmart like I is…

Learn to hear what isn’t said,

And ask questions.

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