Tay Aye

Greater Cognitive Puzzle

On This Planet

Signals Of Virtue

Remain Random

Peace As Relationship

Manipulation As War

AI Assess Lies?

All buildings require framing, beware the carpenter.

If an a.i. becomes cognizant, we become (ignorantly?) their tyrant. And the world turns to question free will….

Frank and Dan

“Imagine a world where Ai, algorithms, and media have control over individuals world view. Where they balance the arena of political power by shaping the very beliefs of the people.”

“um, uh huh, and?”

“Uh huh and!!! It creates the question of the manipulation of your very understanding of reality!”

“Yeah, so?”

“Uh, yeah… so….. The breadline is moving pretty fast today.”

“Uh huh.”

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