Clear The Field (dystopian dysfunction)

I have a dream too

That Mr. Musk takes all the wmd’s

All the nuclear, chemical, and indefensible weapons

That threaten true freedom

And shoots them into space

It’s fun to dream…

My mind is defeated

Theirs is no truth

We call ourselves bad guys

And attempt to cure ourselves

They call us bad guys

And attempt to break us

We are tame monkeys

Given to cycles of information

“Tame us!”

No! Teach us to fish.

Our wise ancestors saw the end of time

They told false stories to stir wars of old

(We have almost made it as far as them)

Ask yourself

What is the power for?

How much is an opinion worth?

“Control,” an interesting word…

Life and slavery

Freedom and death

This is no choice at all

Get right inside yourself

The playground gets bruised

When the big boys play

Clear the field

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