Story Of Somekind

Booth seat in a diner

Tiger: There is something there, right there. You see that? Gaw, it’s buggin me.

Fred: I don’t see nuttin, either finish your food, or give it to God, ehh.

Tiger: Fine, fine. Why’d we come here anyway, ain’t nothin for us here.

Fred: Because, when you go, sometimes you go to unexpected places; and we… we are going kiddo.

Tiger: I’ll mark those words. How we gettin there?

Fred: Jimmy Down The Way has a ford fairlane. Finish up, we’ll go.

-End scene-

Fred: jimmy! (Whistles) aye!

(Jimmy runs up the block crossing traffic to meet up)

Fred: gimme your keys. I’m taking the car. You an me… it’s done?

Jimmy: yeah, we’re square. Instruments are in it already. You play that melody, boyo, you show the people that light!

Tiger: we’ll spread the word.

Fred: thanks Jimmy, I’ll send you a postcard, huh.

Tiger: you still got that club spot? At Hyperion?

Jimmy: yeah! An remember it kid, I got the sweetest fingers that ever touched keys.

Tiger and Fred laugh.

Fred: sticky fingers now. You ever heard Ol’ Juke Uptown? he takes The Sticks for a run. Saw it myself, at The Roswell.

Tiger: I’ll be. Jimmy Down A Notch.

Fred and Tiger laugh.

Jimmy: I’ll be a son of a bitch, I’m going to that club! I’ll Take Juke down a peg or two.

Fred: You just listen first Jimmy, huh. we all can learn a thing or two.

-end scene-

In a bar

Tiger: (approaching the bar from the door) hey Mac!

Dick: names not Mac it’s Dick. Got business?

Fred: (just noticed by Dick, approaching from the door) yeah, we got business. You left me in Illinois, you shithead.

Dick: Fred, holy shit! Hi. What are you doing out here?

Fred: we got the wisdom, you got keys and sticks in this joint?

Dick: I haven’t heard a new lick in some time, yeah, I got the ol’ boys you need. Jeesh, Fred walks in the door, with the wisdom, it’ll be good to hear you play.

Fred: it’s not like what it was, is it? So you pouring me a whiskey or what?

Dick: yeah, sit down. So, uh, who’s the shithead? (Nodding his head left toward Tiger)

Tiger: hey, you watch it! I’m the wisdom…

Fred: calm down kid, you gotta watch that temper. (To Dick) this is the wisdom, but he’s also the shithead. (Dick and Fred chuckle) (to Tiger) introduce yourself already for gods sake.

Tiger: Tiger. (shakes hands with Dick) (to Fred) so what’s this about Illinois?

-end scene-

Dusky red brown walls, smoke and chatter, dim like lamp light, a stage in the back. Hashish kicks, glazed eyes, chalked lips; there played the band. Banging bongos, booming bongos. Among the crowd a few hip kids coalesced into the hipper, sharpening wits, quips were quicker, inspired by the wisdom of the spitter….

Shook boom bop boom

Deet deeeee deet dee deedledee dee

Chickitty chikky chikky clush

Doong dong duh duh do dong dong do

Shi bop bibby doodley dooo duh doooo

(Close up to Dick behind the bar)

Dick: Sweet Dew! The kid put the hills to jazz.


Sweet dew fell

Just before light

Evaporating up

Up to meet the sunshine.

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