The snow has been falling

Two days straight

I cannot take the picture

The flakes fade away

It is something I cannot understand

How to explain the snow to another man

The flakes come

Nearly the speed of gravity

I can here the floop

From the ceiling

As the weight fluffs the snow

From the bough


Big fat cat in lap

Cup of coffee with baileys I lap

The cold is in the walls, the floor

Under a quilt made by mother

Let it snow a day or two more

That’s what good books are for

I like punk rock

It’s crass

Stuck in a snowstorm

I’d rather rock

Then sit on my ass

(This is where the 39 y.o. Dude jumps and sings around the cabin with the vision of moshing before Darby Crash, he is obviously drunk)

There’s a Dude

With grody teeth

And long hair

Trapped by winter

In love with solitude

Who is horny as hell

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