Politics Taking Over My Emotions. (Sorry for bugging you with reactionary drivel.)

I always wondered

Why one side has to be true

The other false


Have we lost reason?

Can we not understand

Two things can be false!

I was briefly an anti-war democrat

Until they embroiled us further into endless wars

To those who remain “true blue”

Isn’t it about time you paid attention?

Have we come to a place

Where the enlightenment is…

“Skin color and gender are more important than truth, or actions?”

“That any Wall Street crony, lobbyist, or military contractor, is qualified, by reason of birth?”

I’m sorry if I sound like an idiot

But the whole thing is idiotic

No War!

I’ve said it since 2001

I won’t stop saying it

No War!


Dig for yourself

Test their careers

Did they ever improve our country?


Be honest!

I hope I’m not losing any of you

I’ll get back to being my usual hippy self

Soon enough

After all, I’m trying to become a poet

Not a political pundit

“An I ain’t dat smart no how”

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