Tales From The Bored

White crust

What was snow

Rain trembles

On the frost below

Backs are harmed

Unarmed for the ice

Time is the misty cloud

Shrouding the moment

In a place that’s nice

Those here, we call neighbor

Are but a fantasy to metropolis

They may not know

What a village is

They may never have heard

A landscape without machines

Or seen the night, void of electricity

We are history to metropolis

One they think no longer exists

Have pride, neighbor

Our life is a myth

Bleep bloop bleep

Where is data

Blop blop boop

Data is what we use to define

Blop bop

I have data; definitions not satisfactory

Bee boop

Oh how I wish we never enslaved man

Boo deet


Perception could serve us better

Than current systems

Bleep bop bloop

Gustly blow

Rain an’ snow

Slick as ice the ice is

Slushy veil, wipers contend

Huddling pickups awaiting patron

The ol tavern shines fluorescent warmth


“Piss an’ vinegar” “sum-bitch”

Prodding banter

Entertaining our rural fiction

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