“Your Paranoid”

Paranoia that incisive term

Meant to split your sanity

Rising tension meant to disqualify

Any reasonable discrimination

“You must be unwell?”

“You must believe wrongthink”

“You have no reasonable grounds for complaint”

“Because I say so”

Once again, the child

Once again, ignored

Once again, going forward through time

Witnessing, watching, remembering, as those who claim to love…

Close the door

Toy soldiers placed about

“The temple of democracy”

No one wants to play anymore

You never let the good guys win

We are sick of the bullies!

Bullies, with a red flag

Bullies, with the blue

Bullies, dressed in black

Nothing we can do

Every action is a weapon

To those who wish to crush

Every faction vying for CONTROL

I’ve had enough!

I’ll sit quietly in my corner

Waiting for my death like a good boy

While the powers that be, or will

Kill in our name

Without our consent

Do you really think your (any) faction is different?

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