Writing to your self exposes you, especially when you just publish it, because why shouldn’t you

A lot to build in my heart

Start today

How can I do better?

Strangers watch me

I don’t know what they think

Family too

We all worry

Why worry a heart?

I wonder if the lampoons

Love on

What do you need?

What? I want to provide

I guess people been telling me for years

“You need a girlfriend”


I don’t want to put me, upon another

How would that be responsible

Maybe I have to say “fuck it!”

And love

Ok, now…

Where is the person who could put up with me?


It would be a special women

Oh, I’m supposed to be arting


Soak through layer

Blowing warm

Asking if seasons

Come or gone

Inside is worse then the storm

Lack of motion drives the wet in

Cold but indoors


Until disrobed

I’ve been trying to be all poetic and stuff

I’ve always wanted to be bigger than my britches

I suppose I hold to wanting greater

Believing in the same

But I’m just some messed up dude in a cabin

Behavioral psychology, oh, I tell you what!

These smarties can read me like a book

Fear is a killer

I just hate being so inconsequential

I guess it’s easy to say when I live in my lofty tower

I’m no defender, it’s no wonder I’m single

I just call hate and violence stupid

The world is going to kick my ass

And I ain’t ready

At least we laugh at the fool

So I got that, ha!

It’s raining raining raining

Mellow temperature

Long time now

Does that count as news?

Depends on your knowledge

I’d say you’d have to also look elsewhere

Don’t be to honest

Just write enough

You know what your thinking

Love is tough

Tough it out

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