The One Man Chatroom (un-edited, ill read it later)

If I were this

If I were that

I spend a lot of time

Thinking about my lost potential

Is that the thing a parent desires?

For their children to see eternity?

I’ve always dreamt big

I’d teach my child to move their hands

Their feet

Everything to see peace

Why don’t I walk in the way of love?

I can dream big

That’s all I have

It’s kinda sad too, huh?

The nature of man

We know all the patterns

Manipulate our behaviors

What is keeping control?

Have I ever considered an upgrade?


Paradigm shifts, or changing, or whatever it is

There is no “how to”

I look to what I cannot explain

The Greater

Man has been here along time

We still desire the infinite

Until then, we show what we know

Is my behavior my belief?

No, but my belief should be

I’m self debasing

Not out of humility

It’s because it’s true

So how do I react?

I depend upon others to accept me

(Although I am low)

To show mercy and grace

What else can I have?

I own nothing

My life is a shoestring

I don’t want to speak of things I cannot fully respect

But reality shows

It’s in the books

I seek to know

“It is vain” that’s what they say

I seek to tremble before the truth

Where have we been, as teachers?

I’ve been alone, stewing in a pot of falsity

What could I then teach?

I have ideas, but no one to weigh them

I long to listen

Words for another day…

Do you think I could get married in outer space, or is it still super dangerous? I’m not hip to the tech advances.

Imagine shooting out into darkness

Like that movie odyssey

Just chilling in an advanced techno love pad

Ha ha ha, darn, I always take something serious and fool around

Who doesn’t want some kinda garden of Eden type paradise though, am I right?

You think people will ever quit messing about?

How could one teach,

With a stubborn ear

Mind speaking up a bit?

I wonder what good writers are writing these days?

Oh well

This is more fun.


I’m like a one person chat room

Is this a thing?

What kinda art, or is it not catchy enough?

“What makes art good, is the audience” they teach

I actually think it’s a great artist

Although value plays its hand

I couldn’t imagine writing a book

The brains on the authors out there

Just amazing

If only I could push the advance

Inspire to be better!

We haven’t even seen a masterpiece yet

I really believe in people

I’m not to particular on which people

Most of us revere intelligence and athleticism

There is more than two things though

Be open to balance

There is nothing to gain from a one sided scale

What does that even mean?

I guess you could validate it with enough explanatory math

If you know any, I’ve never really understood it to far

In fact I don’t understand much

The wisest people I’ve ever met are 4 year olds

“What’s that”

That’s a masterpiece

Ha ha ha

What have I been writing about?

I do this super slow on a cell phone

Ha ha

I’ll have to scroll up, but I don’t wanna

Oh, yeah, authors are cool

They imagine some stuff, boy I tell yeah

Does one learn to write that way? by knowing a bunch of words and an equation for punctuation, and all that rule stuff?

To be honest, I’ll just respect the professionals

I like stuff to be nice and terse so I can understand

But how can you transmit the imagination that way? (I mean obviously if your a writer you know, so um… it’s rhetorical.)

This is a big chunk of writing for me, I’ve been writing since I was a boy, but always just a page

Maybe more

Has anyone ever made a story where everything was good and awesome all the way through?

The person who can make that draw an audience would be a genius

Question is, is it a genius in art, or marketing?

Would a good story even be realistic?

Has anyone not experienced pain?

Ooop, there I go again

In my one man chat room

I wonder if I could ever write something that could pay my rent

Rent is cheap, but who needs crappy poets?


Educate yourself fool!

Enough of this, you are looking for ideas

Take a break

Post as much as you write

Why wouldn’t you?

You might suck, but at least your doing what you want to do

No one has to read it, they got their own life

Quit worrying about food

Once everyone else eats

Then you can survive, or

Get a job! (You lazy hippy)

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