Weak Tea; Strong Punch

I was just drinking tea and thinking

Probably because I went to town today

(I’m not social much anymore)

I heard Mike Tyson had another fight

Now, I don’t get out much, so this could be old news

But Tyson yo! That’s cool; the guy is an achiever

I know people say a lot about the guy

I don’t know him, so what do I know about it?

But you gotta respect Mike man

Who fucks with Mike?

That’s just crazy

So yeah, I’m a peace loving hippie dude

But that guy

There is something about power

Maybe it’s just a nature thing

You want the strong on your side

But your scared as fuck unless they are

I guess the strong can bring peace through presence

And who’s mercy is most important

Our will alone?

Only the strong survive?

Math confuses me, but there is always one greater…

It ain’t me.

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