A Few Memories Upriver


Hillbilly put down the CB


Or memory

I miss grandpa

I know a wedge

How it splits the timber

Wedge is a different thing nowadays

I know lunch break

Sitting among the cedar

Thinking how warm will be the fire

Sword ferns brushed high

On my childlike body

Under the cedar canopy

The earth would bounce back under step

We would skid down the steeper banks

And cross the road

(the empty road, that leads down river, or up)

To watch dragon flys and throw rocks

At the alder island, we’d walk out on the log jam, and just play

Or, on the other side

set weight, pole and bell

Where uncles and cousins had a fish shack

We share these scenes together

In different memory

I wonder what they see?

Before the power came

Grandpa had a generator and battery system for basics

Usually in the early evening we had one lamp on

It was between grandma and grandpa

She would read, or do crossword, but mainly crochet

Grandpa had his chair near the window

He had a CB radio, a scanner, outside was the thermometer on a tree

The tv was always on

It gave glow to the house, all the way back to the fireplace

An Antenna in a tree, gave us a couple choices in broadcasting

One winter I was up river

And I was sleeping in the spare room kinda section

(it’s hard to explain, it was a trailer that expanded by grandpa’s talent as a carpenter)

Well they put a bear rug on me to keep me warm

Head next to my head and all, Lol

I was so afraid another bear would come and look in the window, and think I was a bear

I fell asleep warm, before I knew it

Kids are funny

So are adults who sit and write

Auditing their own memory

I hope it’s entertaining

They had animal pelts and taxidermy of different animals hanging about

The pheasant was mounted like grandpa shot it in self defense

Ha! I wish I had a picture

If you were up on the hill, you were given a flashlight when it got dark outside

Cept if all of us cousins were up having a get together, then we’d share a flashlight, or latern

You’d have to use it when you needed to go outside to use the outhouse

Grandpa rigged that outhouse with a flushable toilet at one point, pretty nifty!

A good ways from the house there is a creek

Well long story short; the running water in their house is some of the best anywhere, or, as far as I remember from many years ago

(I miss running water, ha, as a tangent. I got electricity now though.)

Anyway, I think this isn’t really poetic, as much as, it’s just me rambling on.

And we all lived happily ever after…. 😀

Ha ha, I just thought about something

We quite literally had to go

“Over the river, and through the woods”

To get to grandmas house

Am I the only person who remembers that childhood song?

What amazes me is, these are my memories

In my lifetime

Grandma grew up, up river

I wonder how crazy she thinks the world is?

She knows more about the act of living’

Boy I tell you, her grandkids need to know!

Let alone their kids

Good luck future

I’d be sitting on the floor facing the tv

Quietly next to grandpa

Grandpa was hard of hearing

He used a lot of loud tools and equipment

So, I’d be sitting there quietly

The tv would be blaring

And I’d look over to grandpa

He’d look back at me

And he’d say “right!”

Only the way he could

I suppose it’s akin to a Carolina drawl

But he’d say it

And it meant the world

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