Oh well or Orwell

Soft messages over time

What tone we hear

Louder yet

Messages normalized

Creating a story of oppression

Waiting now

Please don’t come

They can tell us anything

From 2000 feet we are all the same

To the “heroes”

Any story made reasonable

I’m hungry to know the Truth

Inform the lies from my mouth

How do we reach compassion?

Sectionality, meant to cast out sections


Quotes without context

Segregate our enemy

Who isn’t our enemy at all

It’s done, they are coming


Am I the fool?

To place faith in God

Will your intellect

Be my oppression?

One nation; unity

No duh

What unites us?


And treating others as such


Keeps us building

What unites us?

We do

Plant some seeds

Be faithful

exit interview

Fancy title? What’s it all about.

“Punctuation;” conveying a point

Didn’t Albert Einstein teach this

“They perfected it”


“The outward observer is easily convinced”

Maybe it’s just you?

“Maybe, I’m at your mercy.”

Not mine, but I think I hear you

“Hands up, then they shoot. Right?”

They told us, we had no power

“No power! I’m fine with no power, but I’m not fine with being a sacrifice.”

That’s a bit hyperbolic

“A bit”

Are those your last words?

“Probably not, you own my words, remember? You own them all. I’ve loved art! I’ve sought greater than myself, greater than you! I’ve loved, feared! And now, I’m defeated. If I could make one final request?”

Go ahead.

“What year is it?”


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