I need to apologize

To the world

I remember the day I learned about the bill of rights

In the seventh grade

I was kicked out of class that day

(It was unconstitutional! Lol)

I like arguing


It’s how I learn

I’m selfish

I depend on others to teach me when I’m being ridiculous

“But it’s a no no to talk about politics and religion”

What could be more important?

Mortality, health, provision

It is our culture that educates our morality

It is our reason that educates our culture

(Well, I hope)

The world is so big

And I am a thinker-ant

Please tread lightly

My mouth is no match for the boot…

I read the things I write

Some of it’s ok

Most of it shows how little I know

(or experienced)

Why do I do this

Mainly because I always have

Words are cool!

Neuroscientists are cool

I wonder how much they know?

Do I count the teeth? Or reason?

Well I reckon they know a darn sight more than I do

I wonder how many also are adventists of behavioral psychology?

Do morals or ethics play a role in the understanding of the science?

Or are they so advanced beyond me, I am just a subject?


Replace neuroscientist with…

Wait for it…


This speck of dust mid life crisis syndrome is rough on a pampered millennial

I couldn’t even imagine the crisis of understanding a neuroscientist, or an alien, could be going through

Ha ha ha

Now I’m sad because of suffering existing

Did the Buddha do nothing more than translate for a butterfly?

Reality, ground yourself dude

Smart people are looking at you

@___@ um…

Those people are cool

Come to think of it

Thank you, to those of you who’ve read something of mine and thought it was good

Oh, and thanks if you just think I’m kinda interesting

I appreciate it

I have always wanted to be a cool writer guy

Not that I am

I’m just a dude chatting with himself

Who accidentally hit the underline button and just rolled with it

Ok I really should stop now

(But if I do, I’ll read this, and won’t want to post it, because all I’m doing is writing la la la but whatever)

((You said you’d post everything, look what trouble you are in now)

(Well I can always say I’m drunk; you know, use persuasive writing as an excuse for being a dork)

“Ha ha, drunk post!”

(Did it work?)

((You won’t ever know, besides everyone is judging you all the time, you’re the center of the universe, you fucking narcissist!)

(Hem, uh… ohhh-kay)

((Beside that, you call, “Ha ha, drunk post!” Persuasive writing? Get a job!)

(Okay okay, jeesh! How would you explain posting something like this?)

((Just be you dude, go full on hippy and own this hipster-ass art shit as your own.)


((Naw man , you know what, stick with the drunk thing, calling this art would be like saying a can of soup is art)

(Umm… there was a famous art piece of soup)

((You gotta be… you know what I mean.)

(All I’m saying, we should stick with the drunk excuse, I ain’t as good as the soup guy. besides that’s painting, these are words.)

((You really want to keep this up, you are just making it worse.)

(Umm.. then I drank coffee and baileys, smoked a joint, and slept soundly thereafter.)



((Your mom reads this, you’re talking about smoking a joint, you oughtta be ashamed! Beside, you don’t want to promote that shit. You know damn well people are better off without it.)

(Good point, I don’t like the drunk excuse anymore either. Alcohol is the real bad shit.)

((Better just call it art, no one reads this anyway, except your mommy, nu nu nu nu. Ha ha ha)

(Yeah! well… fuck you!)

((Now you’re cursing? Dude? Wake up)

(Umm… yeah, but …. freedom of speech isn’t free unless you can prove its exercise.)

((Telling that to your mom?)

(My moms cool, asshole! She has good taste in art. And awesome kids :p)

((Just finish this already, put my poorly narrated “other” persona to rest.)


“Nah I’m not drunk posting, this is just really edgy hipster art. It encompasses the futility of the academic landscape, the pointlessness of knowledge without power, and the fear of power itself. To conclude, this is some real la-ti-da shit!”

(Think that’ll do it?)

((Pshh no! Why would you ever post this?)

(Because I can.)

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