Ignore this, it’s politics (I don’t endorse anything I say, I say it as a method of thinking about it)

If you lived in a society:

A society that could squash any reasonable criticism or debate, and ignore the needs of its populous

A society that shuts down criticism, by accusing bigotry at any given opportunity

A society that considers accusation equal to fact

A society that encourages erasing and replacing its history

A society that protects those that do the most harm

A society where the rule of law is at the behest of special interests

What would you do? If you lived in such a society.

You’re doing it…

(I hear the resounding, “no duh’s” from across the world. Well, people here are still blind to what is happening, so I have to say it. I wish you and your nations healing and provision. love is a weak weapon against tyranny, but tethered to education, it is the only thing that can stop the cycle of authoritarianism. Good luck world! We need it. The chance of mutually assured destruction is higher than 1%, which is WAY to high. Do you want nations to be as gods? Blasphemy, ain’t it?)

(When I was a child, I pledged allegiance to a nation Under God. I just don’t think our leaders take the same pledge. And yes, atheists, being a nation “under God” is logically sound. You may have to see God as a concept like many do in Alcoholics Anonymous, but God (conceptually, or not) is the only assurance we can have that the government is not the highest authority, it is the only assurance of freedom and control over our own lives. Put down your bias, and think! “Why do they want me to hate it?” “Why do they want to erase it?” Could it be because they cannot CONTROL it?)

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