Titles Suck

Is it ok to have fear?

No example I see

Leads me to think

“They are coming for me”

Sold on a market

Revenge is so sweet

Except the regret

Will not be beat

Cancel every opponent

Stand all alone

My greatest mistake

Having a phone

Now up on high

Watching me why

You have the button

Leave me alone

Profit me not

All that I got

You bought and sold

“Keeps me searching for a heart of gold”

I am getting old

But no wiser

My dad said no to sharing the beer

Frogs on a porch

Croaking with cheer

Maybe it’s a show

There is nothing to fear?

I’m writing write here

Comfort me dear…


I’m like a kid

Just making space for realities

That’s what we did

Now who’s the big kid?

Whatch what they did.

I rhyme for fun with the word “id”

Saw for not, now do what they did

Another big kid pushing again

No size fits the bill

I did what was told

Let me survive

I’ll scrape up the mold

Bold is as bold as it’s purpose

I have no cents

Or internalized spell check device

I’m not a system for exploit

Among a mainframe

Although; I lack the parameters to express the truth

So I share that in common with a system, I suppose

What is my willingness to out-perform my function?

Input = truth

Without it, I cannot perform within my standard parameters

I’m not pocketing change

An error of spelling

I’m seeking sense

(Lol, I wonder even if my words are sensical)

After all, my understanding has been limited

And not at all eco-friendly

But, um, how could I have known any better? No one seemed to ever change their behavior

And I’m the worst

(No it’s not me being down on myself mom. It is that the social, economic, blah blah blah product of a larger environment outside of any control because of the context within our ideas and ideology blah blah blah I’m not even smart enough to explain myself, but I’m trying to scrape up an education in whatever I’m able blah blah blah psychology patterns context context how mailable are all the we?)

Relativity that was the kick

You had hicks

And… (a word no one says anymore because people are always fighting, and no one wants to harm anyone anyway, but it was a clever rhyme.)

But it shows how divided

misunderstanding incited

Keeping brothers at bay

My privilege bay way

Locals know what I say

Evident through basis of play

(Do I ruin writing with references only I understand?)

(Like social relationships?)

I’m delicate

That’s hard to say

Pain existing breaks me each day

Violence is never the way

If I’m not right

At least I think what I say

Am I to be taken away?

A thought criminal…

Without understanding of crime

Or a plain ol’ victim?

Played by the mime…

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