Light Outside

Up like sun


What today, to cry about

After time


Now to take

The price

Wouldn’t it be nice

If we could all just get along

No one reached me

With the song

Now I wake

New seed in hand

Give me strength

To understand

So bland the taste

Normal is done

Let not the wicked

Come undone

Fill the heart

With providence too

From neighbors hear proud

“How do you do?”

The suns not up

Yet we rise

Give us respite

From wars cold lies

Who knew the cost

My ultra theories abound

We know something is up

Please don’t put us down

I don’t say much

In the morning time

I tune into networks

To tell my mind

The sun should come soon

Cat man box room

Tell me you’re out there

Love now on zoom

Circumstances ponder

Drinking a habitual cup

I can’t see past me

Chores undone

I’m writing this longer

Until comes the sun

Good morning I say

Or your relevant time of day

Is there something I could give

That would change the way

For all blustering

Hear the boughs creak

Cat man box room

For how many weeks?

Chores all undone

Still waiting on sun

When the light hits

Still never done

When the bough breaks, cradle will fall

Did anyone hear the tree fall at all?

It might be a while before sunrise

The cat is snoring

Seeking purpose through depreciation

It’s boring

There must be some lesson I’m ignoring

Or never heard

Actions acted out absurd

Wanna be poet typing, on and on he goes

Popped that ol’ weasel right in the noes

I suppose that’s how the nursery rhyme goes

On and on and on

Never off

Pretending at poetry

Knowing something is off

Changing the mind every second of the day

Look how much I write with nothing to say

It’s dark outside

I have a screen for light

I never did learn how to use the dern’ thing right

All it does is conquer the night

Cat and man waiting for light

To sit as though dark with nothing to do

Pondering how peace could be true

Doing nothing to change

Who’s bigger revenge or forgive

The example of right way to live

I’ve been broken

Don’t do what I did

Understand consequence

It’s work to forgive

Show with how you live

I don’t, I’m not proper

Now how did this turn into fodder

With censorship they sold us what we bought

Knowledge is new

Facts are not

Revenge or forgive

Scared where I live

Cat man box room

On the holiday I got onto zoom

What’s out there in the world

I’m scared to ask

The truth may not be what I ask

This may not read right

Write I real slow

Thinking of how readers

Tempo won’t know

That’s why I usually rap in my room yo

You know how it go

Change is the place

We never belong

Witness the world

The same ol song

You’d figure on wisdom by now

But look at that man missed it somehow

I fear the ka-pow

Why so dark all the time

Here I sit waiting for light

Did I dream last night

Uhg I started out seeking to be a poet

But all I am is a man

With a cellphone plan

Chores undone

Waiting for sun

Example to no-one

Cat man box room

Dreaming of peace

What peeking out

Is it still war?

Never advancing

Just wanting more

This poem is a bore

What am I for?

Existentialism, or Brahman vision

All I’m seeking here is wisdom

But count me unworthy

I’m swarthy, pretty clever huh

If upon us to balance

How far do we fall

I love y’all

Could I see

A piece of a piece of peace?

Any crumb will do

I’ll know it when I see it

And rejoice with you

Who are we to be

When the sun rises today

It seems I, for one, never change

Seeking the way

Talking on and on

With nothing to say

There is blue hue, white peaks

It’s gorgeous, but I never look outside

Not trained for paradise, it’s far to nice

Wanting a hand

On and on and on I talk

If you read this, you rock!

It’s dark outside

And this is my fun

Seeking the truth

Before come the sun

Praying all day

With nowhere to run

I dare the world to have peace

But just for fun

How can I know the truth

I am undone

Always so dark

But not so dark if I turn out the bulb

I imagine watching me is like trying to re-habituate an ape of some kind

Cat man box room

A world awaits

I meet it on zoom

Do they own the name of their brand

Do they own this to?

Expression of man

Who holds copyright to letter

On this Galapagos

So many songs of a bird

Many a feather

All spinning through

Solar system together

You see we are on the ship

Spinning through space

Will the gods go?

Leaving me on this place

All I seek is to know truth

I know I do not

Maybe that and the dark

Are all that I got

I wanted to be poetic

Waiting for sun

Bringing I into this

Ruined the fun

I forgot the beginning

I’m sure it was dark

Cat man box room

And a wall full of art

(And just immature enough to insert fart joke here)

Always an actor, playing the part

If I had that something

Skill drive understanding endurance



Whatever it is, I long to do art

Never a steady hand

The antics of man

Waiting for sun

Writing for fun

I guess it light enough now

To call this one done

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