Page One In One Take (a transcript of a video that failed to load; to be added by means unknown at a later date)


I wanted to have this conversation

With people, who um

May think my writing, is as cool as I think my writing is; by any off chance


I have 371 pages, or so, of, uh, blog posts that I’ve done since February 10th 2018

When I um, wrote my artistic biography


And it’s… seeming that there has gotta be a first page to This Book Written In Reverse somewhere

And so I think today is the day

Um… that this is page one. And might I encourage people to… look at it from the context of an uneducated, average, middle class, privileged, you know, American person, who grew up


Being connected to suburban life, as well as rural life; with no electricity, and outhouses; and saw the transition of the 20th century into the 21st century

Who was 18 in 1999


I don’t claim to be, like, some scholar, or great writer; I just claim to be a voice in the wilderness, so to speak. Who’s only coming ta try to understand life

And so, I just think I’m gonna… mark this as page one

And hopefully there will be some encouragement in this, this, compilation of confusing ideology and ridiculous behavior that is my life

That will inspire me to do a book two

And to do it in a way that is more adaptable and acceptable to… a… quote unquote “sophisticate society” which has nothing to do with class, and more to do with… the acceptance of variations and beliefs and the growing as a species


I’m just a weird person, who doesn’t really know how ta… figure all of your systems out, because the systems themselves I feel are, are, largely incompetent


But here is page one, and my signature

My name is Robert Ashley Hilsinger

Thank you for reading

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