Published Letter To Auntie

(It’s cute that I consider this publishing isn’t it? Lol)

Hello auntie, this is your nephew. The elusive, and often tragically poetic, nephew; Robert Ashley Hilsinger

I suck at keeping in contact
But I was just thinking of you
Rob and you both
You have always acted
And shown through action
That at the core of your actions is a standard of ethics and love that is laudable
I truly mean it
I love you both very much!

I am 40 now
And time makes fools of us all
It is hard to tell a world
Who’s standards you don’t meet
(Or cannot comprehend)
Why your life decisions bring you to such places
We all have our good reasons

I’m dirty, often hungry, I haven’t put a blade to my hair in years
And from the outside, people want to say all kinds of crazy things about my behaviorism

I spent a great deal of time
Many years studying
And I’ve become hard hearted and mean
“I should be the fucking one with the doctorate!”
But I still cry and yell
And contend
Because the basic foundations of our operational ethics
Have no concrete
In school, if you remember, it was the same
But I’m suppose to be the next generation
I am scared to death
We have truly lived in a “dark age”

I understand the reactionary perceptions that people have
This is not normal communication
But I’m messed up
And I’m a picture
Of well over 20 centuries
And I am the last of my people
Or at least that is what it feels like

Thank you for always understanding
These are trying times for all
Especially your generation
Sometimes the view at the top of the mountain
Is the most terrifying
I love you

Call anytime
I’m usually just sitting here yelling at C-Span

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