Daring Dream

Dreams; delusions?

Reality; sheltered understanding?

Is this another attempt, to grandiose to be palatable?

Is chasing the dream a fool’s errand?

Is it just idiotic?

What harm could come from doing what you want?

Great harm…

Are you dreaming of harm?

No, my nightmare is the reactionary state of others…

I fear the reckless abandon by which we make ourselves “the lord of the other.”

Because I fault, it is no longer acceptable for me to attempt at doing right; what is this! Why do I dream!

Why am I tempted by my dreams coming true?!

Could I have faith and know I walk amongst the faithful?

Casting light over darkness, as it skitters away back to the shadow?

Am I just a fool to dream?

Certainly the latter; I want to become a United States Senator

The question is, am I stupid to even try?

Are dreams stupid?

Or do I just have a stupid dream…

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