Why I cannot become a Senator

To be sure, I feel called to take a stand

But understand the gravity

What terrible consequences could come

I’m not fit to be a public figure


This is the why of it

(Maybe it can be edifying)

The way an act of legislation comes to a vote does not meet any reasonable ethics

They vote to wave rules; like we commonly wave a stoplight (sarcasm)

I only have a GED, and I believe myself worthy to be on the ethics committee

In fact I think we need to rethink the whole “committee thing” altogether

The senators won’t institute rules upon themselves, even if it’s the will of the governed

It’s THE issue

So maybe, since I’m poor


Without any political connections

Some miracle or matter of destiny casts me into office

It’d be horrible

Because I’m not worthy of it

Be realistic about the state of affairs

The terrible burden

If I were Senator, I’d be locked in my office

Crying blood

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