Friday Finds A Letter, or; It’s Friday

"Blank pages Friday, that's all we have, blank pages..." Doc drifted into a mutter as he frantically looked through the clutter. "I've found one," shrieked Friday, "A letter! A whole gull derned letter!" She turned to face Doc, "Will this be enough? Can we make a word now?" She suddenly realized she was standing there … Continue reading Friday Finds A Letter, or; It’s Friday

Dr. Dooropeningfoodgivingsnuggler Opens The Door

Mr Kittenface called out to Dr. Dooropeningfoodgivingsnuggler, "Dr. Dooropeningfoodgivingsnuggler! Open the door, open it, open-meow!" Dr. Dooropeningfoodgivingsnuggler rose to his feet and began lumbering towards the door. Mr. Kittenface, who was use to maneuvering around large bipeds, trodded along calling out, "open-meow!" Dr. Dooropeningfoodgivingsnuggler seemed to not pay any attention to Mr. Kittenface's commands, and … Continue reading Dr. Dooropeningfoodgivingsnuggler Opens The Door